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Full range of sorbents were designed to soak up and clean up all kinds of spills
Mainly make them into absorbent pads,absorbent rolls,absorbent pillows,absorbent socks or booms
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Large Chemical Spill Absorbent Pads Easy for Spill Clean Up

  • TLS
  • Chemical Absorbent Pads
  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Yellow
  • Dimples
  • Chemical
  • chemical spill clean up
  • Good
  • Control Chemical Spill
  • Hazardous Liquids absorption
  • 3mm-6mm

Large Chemical Spill Absorbent Pads Easy for Spill Clean Up

TLS Chemical Absorbent Pads For Spill Clean up can absorb liquids including acids and fuels, large absorbent pads can be used for specific purpose for general maintenance and cleaning equipements.

Dimpled perforated Absorbent Mats For Chemical specifically for chemicals have improved performance, with absorbent three-ply 100% polypropylene. Specifically manufactured in yellow for safety and for easy separation of hazardous/corrosive waste.Absorbent Sheets also carry a “CAUTION” symbol to prevent the risk of slipping and falling.

absorbent pads for chemical spills with greater performance without the extra weight. Specially developed chemical sorbent, yellow colour-coded absorbent mats for safety and easy separation of hazardous waste, medium-weight pad. Spill Absorbent Pads does not react with aggressive fluids.

Absorbent Paper Machinery and equipment repairs wipe dust and oil.

chemical absorbent mats absorbent materials than ordinary oil absorption of up to three times as high as 8-11 times, waste management, low prices.Eco-Friendly, Anti-Pull,Non-toxic, Anti-bacterial, Recyclable, etc...

If you need more information of Large Chemical Spill Absorbent Pads please contact us ,we will offer our prices and details for you information .

Size(cm)ThicknessQty/ BAbsorbencyWeightLoading Qty

40cm*50cm2mm200pcs144 L/ B8 kg/ B350 B715 B
40cm*50cm2.5mm100pcs90 L/ B5 kg/ B560 B1140 B
40cm*50cm3mm100pcs108 L/ B6 kg/ B465 B950 B
40cm*50cm3.5mm100pcs126 L/ B7 kg/ B400 B815 B
40cm*50cm4mm100pcs144 L/ B8 kg/ B350 B715 B






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