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Full range of sorbents were designed to soak up and clean up all kinds of spills
Mainly make them into absorbent pads,absorbent rolls,absorbent pillows,absorbent socks or booms
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Extra Large Absorbent Sheets For Chemical Spills Effects

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Extra Large Absorbent Sheets For Chemical Spills Effects

Extra large chemical absorbent pads Specification 

The surface of absorbent sheets for chemical spills are treated by the wedges, the tensile strength is enhanced, it make hazmat absorbent pads not easy to be damaged or torn ,easier to be recycled or reused, and it is more suitable for the workshop and various chemical liquid workplaces

When you use Absorbent Papers you can feel soft and with super liquid absorbent ability,the absorbing weight can reach to 15 times of itself,

Extra large absorbent pads can easily absorbing polluted liquid,mianly used in chemical plants,laboratories,shopping center and home for wiping.

Absorbent Sheet kinds are various,all this can be made according to customer’s requirements.Such as cutting pads,puch etc ...

Absorbent pads for chemical spills packing in cartons or bags and so on.

We have the complete production line for Absorbent Mats,if you have other requirements of chemical absorbent mats please contact us without any hesitate .Below is the Spill Absorbent Pads for your information .

AbsorbencyKeywordsPackingCarton pack
40cm * 50cm * 3mm150   L/Bsingle   weight200   PCS/B
40cm * 50cm * 4mm140   L/Bmedium   weight150   PCS/B
40cm * 50cm * 5mm165   L/Bmedium   weight150   PCS/B
40cm * 50cm * 7mm130   L/Bheavy   weight100   PCS/B
40cm * 50cm * 8mm150   L/Bdouble   weight100   PCS/B






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