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Full range of sorbents were designed to soak up and clean up all kinds of spills
Mainly make them into absorbent pads,absorbent rolls,absorbent pillows,absorbent socks or booms
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100% Polypropylene Yellow Absorbents Pads For Chemical Factory

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100% Polypropylene Yellow Absorbents Pads For Chemical Factory

100%PP Chemical Spill Pads made by Meltblown Polypropylene material, economical single-ply construction. 

Polypropylene hazmat absorbent pads and economical yellow absorbent that offer high visibility for your hazardous chemical applications. Chemical Spill Absorbents Papers color-coded yellow for safety and easy separation of hazardous waste. Yellow Absorbents Pads will not react with agreesive fluids.

Spill Absorbent Pads Features:

Chemical absorbent mats 100% absorbing polypropylene material,not tear or wear even in the saturation status.

TLS Absorbent Mat absorbing that offer high visibility for your hazardous chemical applications.

Special technicals improved absorption and strength with less weight.

Sonic bonded and Dimpled for added durability and reduced linting.

Perforated to help you reduce waste by using only what you need.

Absorbent pads for chemical spills Benefits

1.Will absorb wide range of aggressive and non-aggressive chemicals.

2.Highly absorbent/fast acting.

3.Absorbent Sheet Performs well under the most demanding of condition .

TLS not only offer polypropylene absorbent pads also offer the chemical absorbent rolls,chemical absorbent pillows ect .If you are interested in it please contact us .We will reply you within 12 hours .

NameChemical   absorbent pads
TypeChemical   absorb
Material100%   PP
Surface fiberFine   fiber
Size(L x W x THK)40cm*50cm*2mm
StructureMelt   blown
Adsorption capacity>150L/carton

More size as below

Size(cm)ThicknessQty/ BAbsorbencyWeight

40cm*50cm2mm200pcs144 L/ B8 kg/ B
40cm*50cm2.5mm100pcs90 L/ B5 kg/ B
40cm*50cm3mm100pcs108 L/ B6 kg/ B
40cm*50cm3.5mm100pcs126 L/ B7 kg/ B
40cm*50cm4mm100pcs144 L/ B8 kg/ B






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