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Full range of sorbents were designed to soak up and clean up all kinds of spills
Mainly make them into absorbent pads,absorbent rolls,absorbent pillows,absorbent socks or booms
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Industrial Perforated White Absorbent Pads For Oil Spills

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  • White Absorbent Pads For Oil Spills
  • Fine Polypropylene
  • White
  • Large
  • all the oil liquid
  • Industries
  • Good
  • Marine,oil station,hospital
  • water-oil separation
  • According to your need

Industrial Perforated White Absorbent Pads For Oil Spills

White absorbent oil spill pads specialized 100%PP material absorbs hydraulic oil, motor oil, brake fluid ,cooling oil, turpentine and other oil-based fluids. Oil Absorbent Mats float indefinitely without absorbing water. Perforated Oil Absorbent Sheets absorb oil and repels water, Floats on water . White motor oil absorbent pads designed to be used on high volume spills.

Industrial Absorbent Pads Features:

100% adsorbing polypropylene material, not tear or wear even in the saturation status.

Absorbs hydraulic oil ,motor oil, brake fluid, cooling oil, turpentine and other oil-based fluids and repels water.

High oil absorbency, quick absorption of oil dirt up to 16 times of its weight

Reusable nature .Incineration is allowed after use to reduce the waste.

Ideal for outdoor marine or environmental applications ,as well as for general industrial use.

Floats indenfinitely even when saturated with oil

Spun bond cover stock on both sides maximizes durability with very low linting.

Dimpled for added durablity and reduced linting.

Oil Only Absorbent Pads Applications:

General industrial use

Marine and environmental spills

Repair and maintenance area.

Paint room;

General manufacturing;

Printing industries;

For drips ,spills and wiping applications;

Oil/Fuel refineries;


Food processing;

Machining small parts ;Perforated to help you reduce waste by using only what you need.

The Spill Absorbent Pads melt cover layer provides high durability, tensile strength and wear resistance. Absorbent Mat has good adsorption and liquid retention. The hairiness of the Absorbent Sheet is significantly reduced. Roller, small roll, pad and drum top pad, packed in polyethylene bags or packed in solid cardboard boxes.If you need more information of Absorbent Paper please let us know .

Size(cm)Thickness(mm)Qty/ BAbsorbency(L)weight(kg)
40*502200pcs144   L/ B8   kg/ B
40*502.5100PCS90   L/ B5   kg/ B
40*503100pcs108   L/ B6   kg/ B
40*503.5100pcs126   L/ B7   kg/ B
40*504100pcs144   L/ B8   kg/ B

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