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TLS Oil Containment Booms

a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill
used to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery easier.


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800mm Overall Marine Solid Float Oil Containment Boom

  • TLS

  • Solid-Floatation Rubber Oil Boom

  • Rubber

  • Black

  • 800mm overall height

  • Oil spill control

  • Ses,river ect

  • China

  • water-oil separation

  • 14days


800mm Overall Marine Solid Float Oil Containment Boom

product description

Black Solid Float Containment Boom is an important equipment for controlling oil spill diffusion and transfer in ocean or other waters. 800mm Solid Float Containment Boom

Widely used in the waters of rivers and lakes and other job frequently, conditions and a long cloth in order to prevent the pollution of 800mm Solid Float Oil Rubber Boom control occasions, such as the open ocean, the gulf, harbor, river, oil drilling platform, wreck removal, refinery, oil terminals, terminal, water inlet, baths, aquaculture, and other important sensitive area. Solid Float Rubber Boom In Black Color can also be used as an important means to control oil spill in emergency operation

800mm black rubber solid float oil boom special rubber cloth made into a column, high strength, long life, wear resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and erosion resistance, floating body oil resistance.

Inflatable Solid Float Boom can choose to have the characteristics of flame retardant rubber covering, more safe for the use of places with high fire requirements.

Solid Float Rubber Containment Boom unique layman, large buoyancy reserve, good vertical stability.

Inflatable Containment Boom universal quick connection, quick and reliable connection, can be connected with the containment boom produced in many countries, Solid Float Inflatable Boom easy to participate in international or regional cooperation.

Solid Float Oil Containment Boom bag chain tension type counterweight, enhance the strength of the oil boom. 

product information

Model Freeboard Draught Boom Section’s Length Operational limits
Tensile Strength Wave Height Wind Speed Current
GWJ800 280mm 390mm   20m 65KN 0.75m 10m/s 1.5Kn
GWJ900 310mm 470mm 20m 80KN 1m 15m/s 2Kn
GWJ1100 360mm 560mm 20m 100KN 1.5m 15m/s 3Kn
GWJ1500 500mm 750mm 20m 120KN 2m 20m/s 3Kn

If you need other size please contact TLS sales team directly .

Our service

Over the years,TLS Team always stick to the principle of"move customer,achieve staff's value,develop win-win cooperation".With many years of development,we have a more than 20person professional sales team and senior engineer team .We can provide prompt technical support ,on time quotation,perfect after sales service for all our esteemed customers.

Oil Only Absorbent Mats -TLS Service


Q1.Are you a factory or trading company?

Yes, we are a manufacturer with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.

A. We have sophisticated experience and professional knowledge & technology.

B. Both OEM and ODM orders are available. 

Q2.What is the application of the oil boom ?

Th oil containment booms design for oil spill operations to use in a wide variety of conditions in sheltered water to open ocean waves.It have the function to cut off the fire with the specical material.

Q3.Do you offer other size of the oil containment boom?

yes ,we have different size of this item,if you have your won size please offer us ,we can offer you too.

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