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Full range of sorbents were designed to soak up and clean up all kinds of spills
Mainly make them into absorbent pads,absorbent rolls,absorbent pillows,absorbent socks or booms


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165L Absorbency Chemical Sorbent Mini-booms Yellow Spill Absorbent Sweeping Compound

  • TLS

  • Hazmat Absorbent Socks

  • 100% Polypropylene

  • Yellow

  • 7.6cm*1.2m (can be customized)

  • Normally 20pcs/B, >165L/B

  • Melt-blown

  • For corrosive or hazardous chemical spills and fluids, Perfect for acids, non-hydrophilic

  • Industry, Ocean Marine, Pollution Disposal

  • China


165L Absorbency Chemical Sorbent Mini-booms Yellow Spill Absorbent Sweeping Compound

product description

Brief Instruction of Hazmat Absorbent Socks

Chemical Sorbent Mini-booms are used to efficiently absorb high concentrations of corrosive liquids such as 98% sulfuric acid and 30% sodium hydroxide / NaOH.

Spill Absorbent Sweeping Compound is made of 100% polypropylene raw materials, can quickly absorb 15-20 times its own weight, these Melt-blown Yellow Absorbent with Hooks and Rings can be linked one piece by one piece. 

With dust-free and wear-resistant jacket, strong oil-absorbing fiber filling and soft material, can  fast absorb the leakage, can be bent and placed on the ground wherever you want, water surface, corner, around the machine or irregular places, very good performance especially for the treatment of oil spill on water. Chemical Absorbent Socks is easy to identify and prevent the improper use of spill disposals.

No deformation, no looseness, no temperature influence, no corrosion, good feature of acid and alkali resistance, easy storage. Absorbent Socks for Chemicals are widely used in printing, food processing, high-tech industries, paint shops, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Advantages of TLS Hazmat Absorbent booms:

1. Designed based principle of backflow resistance, fast and high absorption, after saturation, the liquid won’t overflow.

2. Internally filled with strong oil absorption fiber but very flexible, outer layer is the cloth with good oil-absorbing, dust-free and wear-resistant feature.

3. Large oil absorption, small volume space, light weight, highly tearing resistance.

product information

Main Technical Parameters of Hazmat Absorbent Socks

Size(Diameter x Length)



φ7.6cm x 1.2M



φ10cm x 3M



φ12.7cm x 3M



φ12.7cm x 6M



φ20cm x 3M



φ20cm x 6M



TLS Absorbents Co., Ltd. is professionally manufacturing various kinds of absorbents, any inquiry or requirements, you can get the prompt attention from us! 

Welcome your visit always!

Detailed Photos of Hazmat Absorbent Socks

165L Absorbency Chemical Sorbent Mini-booms Yellow Spill Absorbent Sweeping Compound

Our service

Over the years,TLS Team always stick to the principle of"move customer,achieve staff's value,develop win-win cooperation".With many years of development,we have a more than 20person professional sales team and senior engineer team .We can provide prompt technical support ,on time quotation,perfect after sales service for all our esteemed customers.

Oil Only Absorbent Mats -TLS Service


Q1.Are you a factory or trading company?

Yes, we are a manufacturer with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.

A. We have sophisticated experience and professional knowledge & technology.

B. Both OEM and ODM orders are available. 

Q2.How to deliver the Yellow Hazmat Absorbent Socks

TLS can send the Hazmat Absorbent Socks by sea or by air , it is according to your order volume , if the volume is big enough about 25CBM, we can send by the full container.

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