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Why The Oil Absorbent Pads So Important In Application?

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Why the Oil Absorbent Pads so important in application?

Absorbent Spill Mats Suitable for cleaning, containment, and prevention of any potential oil and chemical spills, including use the Absorbent Mats for manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical, marine emergency, port, aviation, public security, medical, energy and power industries , the Environmental Protection Agency, the military, the food processing industry, etc., where it is necessary to remove leaking liquids.

TLS White Oil Absorbent Mats use for Industrial manufacturing for all possible liquid leaks or where oil and chemicals are stored and distributed, including warehouse areas, around machinery and piping, near fuel tanks and equipment, under trains and trucks, near valves, under aircraft, on work platforms, etc. 

Oil Absorbent Mats also use for Automobile, aircraft and train manufacturers, plastics, injection molding, mold, steel, mining, machinery, metal processing, petroleum refineries, oil companies, shipyards, chemical plants, food processing plants, paper mills, fiber optic plants, Cable factory, oil/chemical storage company, refinery, oil depot, environmental cleaning company, anti-leakage contractor, fire department, energy power.

PP White Oil Absorbent Mats should be first aid, port terminals, coastal defense, shipping vessels, fire departments, environmental cleanup companies, emergency centers, laboratories, schools, hospitals, disease control centers, power supply departments, military agencies, municipal water treatment plants, public Transportation, auto repair, hospitals and other medical institutions, environmental protection bureaus, aviation, public security fire.

Other service industry Public and private service industries are also the main users of Oil Only Absorbent Pads, power supply department workers, military agencies, municipal water treatment plants, public transportation, airports and airline service agencies.

TLS has many different type Absorbent Papers with different size ,we can offer the suitable Absorbent Sheets to you with very cost effective prices .






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