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TLS Oil Containment Booms

a temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill
used to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery easier.


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PVC Shoreline Beach Sealing Boom Light Weight Durable

  • TLS

  • PVC beach sealing boom

  • PVC

  • Orange

  • Heavy Duty

  • Oil Spill Absorbing

  • Emergency Oil Leakage

  • China

  • Oil spill control

  • 15days


PVC Shoreline Beach Sealing Boom Light Weight Durable

product description


Durable beach tidal boom, Shore Boom is a special?purpose boom that utilizes water ballast.

1.PVC beach shore boom is Ideal for operations in beaches with relatively small waves, swamps, lagoons and other areas where the water level is shallow or changes due to tide, rains or flooding.

2.Shore Boom can float on the water and seal to shore to prevent migration of oil spill containment boom.

3. Beach sealing boom has Excellent performance, works well in tidal waters, dynamic rivers or lakes.

4. Shoreline sealing boom can be available in a wide range of PVC / PU / Neoprene fabrics.

5.Multiple chamber design for utmost reliability. Segmented chambers ensure durable beach sealing boom continues to float in the event of damage.

6.Inexpensive gasoline drove inflation blower, and the gasoline-driven water pump is used to fill the chambers of Light weight beach boom.

7.Bean shore sealing boom made of Corrosion resistant ASTM style marine grade aluminum connectors.

8.Custom PVC beach sealing boom sizes available.

product information

Model WQV750T WQJ750T WQV900T WQJ900T
Material PVC Rubber PVC Rubber
Freeboard(mm) 250 250 360 360
Draught(mm) 320 320 360 360
Tensile Strength(KN) 30 40 40 50
Weight(kg/m) 3.9 6.2 5.6 9
Section length(m) 12.5/20 12.5/20 12.5/20 12.5/20
Wind speed(m/s) 10 10 15 15
Current(knot) 1.5 1.5 2 2
Wave height(m) 0.75 0.75 1 1

If you need other size please contact TLS sales team directly .



Our service

Over the years,TLS Team always stick to the principle of"move customer,achieve staff's value,develop win-win cooperation".With many years of development,we have a more than 20person professional sales team and senior engineer team .We can provide prompt technical support ,on time quotation,perfect after sales service for all our esteemed customers.

Oil Only Absorbent Mats -TLS Service


Q1.Are you a factory or trading company?

Yes, we are a manufacturer with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.

A. We have sophisticated experience and professional knowledge & technology.

B. Both OEM and ODM orders are available. 

Q2.What is the application of the Beach boom ?

The beach booms design for oil spill operations to use in a wide variety of conditions in sheltered water to open ocean waves.

Q3.Do you offer other size of the Beach boom?

yes ,we have different size of this item,if you have your won size please offer us ,we can offer you too.

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