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Yellow Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls 40cm*50m*8mm

  • TLS
  • Chemical Spill Absorbent Pads
  • Polypropylene
  • Yellow
  • Heavy Duty
  • Chemical
  • emergency oil leakage
  • Control Chemical Spill
  • Hazardous Liquids absorption
  • 8mm
  • 7days

Yellow Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls 40cm*50m*8mm

product description

Yellow Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls are typically yellow rolls and are great for aggressive chemical leaks and spills, such as battery acid, and other toxic chemicals. Hazardous chemical Absorbent Rolls are 100% polypropylene giving excellent chemical resistance. 

Hazardous Chemical Sorbent Rolls come in varying sizes and quantities for absorbing chemical spills on land.Our 8mm Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls are 100% meltblown polypropylene and are hydrophillic meaning they will rapidly absorb chemical liquid spills.Our Hazmat Absorbent Mat Rolls are very distinctive and highly visible due to their colour and can be incinerated, keeping disposal costs down.

Chemical Sorbent Rolls 40cm*50m*8mm dimpled, bonded Chemical sorbent rollsare appropriate for use in labs and low lint applications. Chemical spill absorbent rolls Repels water based fluids and absorbs chemical based fluids. Hazmat absorbent rolls are suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick absorption of chemical liquids. Hazchem absorbent rolls are one of our best sellers 

product information

Size Absorbency Keywords Packing
40cm*50m*3mm >146 L/B single weight 2 R/B
80cm*50m*3mm >146 L/B 1 R/B
40cm*50m*4mm >184 L/B medium weight 2 R/B
80cm*50m*4mm >184 L/B 1 R/B
40cm*50m*5mm >220 L/B medium weight 2 R/B
80cm*50m*5mm >220 L/B 1 R/B
40cm*50m*7mm >260 L/B heavy weight 2 R/B
80cm*50m*7mm >260 L/B 1 R/B
40cm*50m*8mm >290 L/B heavy weight 2 R/B
80cm*50m*8mm >290 L/B 1 R/B

If you need other size please contact TLS sales team directly .

Yellow Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls 8mm

Yellow Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls

Yellow Hazardous Chemical Absorbent Mat Rolls 40cm*50m*8mm china

Our service

Over the years,TLS Team always stick to the principle of"move customer,achieve staff's value,develop win-win cooperation".With many years of development,we have a more than 20person professional sales team and senior engineer team .We can provide prompt technical support ,on time quotation,perfect after sales service for all our esteemed customers.

Oil Only Absorbent Mats -TLS Service


Q1.Are you a factory or trading company?

Yes, we are a manufacturer with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.

A. We have sophisticated experience and professional knowledge & technology.

B. Both OEM and ODM orders are available. 

Q2.How to deliver the Absorbent rolls

TLS can send the  Absorbent rolls by sea or by air ,it is according to your order volume ,if the volume is big enough about 25CBM,we can send by the full container.


Q3.Do you offer other size of the Absorbent Rolls?

yes ,we have different size of this item,if you have your won size please offer us ,we can offer you too.

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