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a collection of items,to be used in case of a spill,leak or other discharge of oil.
Oil only spill kit, Hazchem spill kit,universal spill kit are for option.
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Yellow Color Chemical Absorbent Spill Kits for Chemical Spill Control

  • TLS
  • chemical absorbent spill kits
  • 100%PP
  • yellow color
  • handy bag type
  • 30L to 1100L
  • melt-blown
  • for chemical spill control
  • China
  • In stock

 Yellow Color Chemical Absorbent Spill Kits for Chemical Spill Control

product description

Chemical absorbent spill kits ,also call Hazchem Spill Kits  or chemical spill kits are a kit with a collection of meltblown polypropylene absorbents which color-coded yellow for easy identification,this Yellow chemical spill kits or let’s say yellow spill kits are best stuff for aggressive chemical,absorb hazardous or unknown liquids,TLS offer a full range of spill kits for chemical spill control with absorbency 30L,45L,120L,240L,660L,1100L.

Apart from chemical spill containment kit,TLS also provide oil only spill clean up kits  for emergency response to hydrocarbons, solvents and other organic liquid spills,universal spill clean up kits  for non-corrosive liquids  hydrocarbons, solvents and other aqueous and organic liquids.

Custom made spill containment kits available too, if you are looking for any spill response kit to clean up your facility or working place,donot hesitate to contact TLS for further discussion.

product information

KIT30L-chemical  Chemical Absorbent mat 40cm*50cm 20pcs 30Litres
chemical Absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m 2pcs
chemical Absorbent pillow 20cm*25cm 2pcs
Latex gloves / 1pairs
Garbage bag and tie / 2sets
Goggles / 1pairs
Kits bag / 1pcs
KIT45L-chemical  chemical Absorbent mat 40cm*50cm 30pcs 45Litres
chemical Absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m 3pcs
chemical Absorbent pillow 20cm*25cm 4pcs
Latex gloves / 1pairs
Garbage bag and tie / 3sets
Goggles / 1pairs
Kits bag / 1pcs
KIT120L-chemical  chemical Absorbent mat 40cm*50cm 50pcs 120Litres
Absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m 10pcs
Absorbent pillow 20cm*25cm 10pcs
Latex gloves / 2pairs
Garbage bag and tie / 8sets
Goggles / 2pairs
120L Spill kits drum/mobile pin / 1pcs
KIT240L-chemical  chemical Absorbent mat 40cm*50cm 100pcs 240Litres
chemical Absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m 16pcs
chemical Absorbent pillow 40cm*50cm 8pcs
Latex gloves / 2pairs
Garbage bag and tie / 10sets
Goggles / 2pairs
240L mobile pin / 1pcs
KIT660L-chemical  chemical Absorbent mat 40cm*50cm 250pcs 660Litres
chemical Absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m 40pcs
chemical Absorbent pillow 40cm*50cm 20pcs
Latex gloves / 3pairs
Garbage bag and tie / 15sets
Goggles / 3pairs
660L mobile pin / 1pcs
KIT1100L-chemical  chemical Absorbent mat 40cm*50cm 450pcs 1100Litres
chemical Absorbent sock 7.6cm*1.2m 50pcs
chemical Absorbent pillow 40cm*50cm 45pcs
Latex gloves / 3pairs
Garbage bag and tie / 20sets
Goggles / 3pairs
1100L Mobile pin / 1pcs

PS: customized chemical absorbent spill kits  are available

Yellow Color Chemical Absorbent Spill Kits for Chemical Spill Control

Yellow Color Chemical Absorbent Spill Kits for Chemical Spill Control Chinese Manufacturer

Chemical Absorbent Spill Kits for Chemical Spill Control Chinese Manufacturer

Our service

Over the  years,TLS Team always stick to the principle of"move customer,achieve staff's value,develop win-win cooperation".With many years of development,we have a more than 20person professional sales team and senior engineer team .We can provide prompt technical support ,on time quotation,perfect after sales service for all our esteemed customers.

Oil Spill Response Kit for Laboratory -TLS


Q1.Are you a factory or trading company?

A.we are a manufacturer with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.

B.Both OEM and ODM orders are available.

Q2.What kinds of  chemical absorbent spill kits  you can offer?

A.Common capacity is 30L,50L,80L,120L,240L,660L,1100L

Q3. What is the delivery time and where is the loading port

A.usually in stock,7-10days for big orders

B.Loading port:Shanghai or Qingdao

Q4.what is your terms of payment?

A.TT payment

B.Other payment like LC,Paypal,western union,MoneyGram,credit card also acceptable

C.OA payment 

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