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What Is Oil Absorbent Pads

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What Is Oil Absorbent Pads

Oil only absorbent pads made of 100% polypropylene as the raw material of ultra-fine fiber.The absorbent oil spill pads double-sided is dust-free and wear-resistant material, the Oil only absorbent sheets middle micro-fiber high-melting fat polypropylene.

The Oil absorbent pads surface is super-sonic embossed with star-shaped uniform, smooth and resistant Grinding, preventing fiber shedding, oil spill absorbent papers have special adsorption materials for oil, petrochemical solvents, paints and non-hydraulic liquid leakage treatment,

oil spill absorbent pads advantages:

Oil absorbent mats have the unique advantages of only lipophilic, fast oil absorption,absorbent mats for oil with high oil absorption ratio, small specific gravity, floating on the surface before and after oil absorption, no chemical agents, no secondary pollution.

Oil dry absorbent pads resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion, high temperature and incineration. Oil spill control pads not produce toxic waste gas. It is easy to store, easy to handle and can be reused. Only absorb oil and do not absorb water; 2. Do not deteriorate, decompose, and do not sink into water after oil absorption;

Technical indicators: oil absorption multiple: light diesel oil ≥ 10 times 20 # heavy diesel ≥ 12 times 20 # mechanical oil ≥ 12 times 40 # mechanical oil ≥ 16 times; oil immersion speed: less than 1 minute; environmentally friendly non-toxic and pollution-free: after treatment The residual ash of incineration is less than 0.02%






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