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Dozens of new clothes that were contaminated by leaking chemicals

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Today there is a big news in here , Dozens of new clothes that were contaminated by leaking chemicals piled up on the roadside garden. After being corroded, the red color turned black. After preliminary investigation, the leaked liquid is a chemical called R-glycidyl methyl ester that has irritating effects on the eyes, respiratory tract, and skin. The Logistics stated that the name of the item on the document sent by the unit that sent the paper tube is "accessories" instead of "chemicals." and the company was unaware of the transportation chemicals. The company is currently investigating this.


At this evening , some employees suffered from eye pain, sore throat and other symptoms. Why did the symptoms occur after five hours after the leak occurred? In this regard, employees agreed that due to the relatively slow volatility of the liquid, it takes a certain amount of time from leaking to evaporating and then being inhaled by the human body. According to statistics, a total of five employees experienced symptoms of discomfort, including one female. The logistics company quickly arranged for staff to accompany the five employees to the nearby hospital for treatment. After emergency treatment, the symptoms of the disease have been alleviated and no serious problem has been identified.


So if you catch this situation , how to handle it ? Dont worry , TLS Absorbents Co.,Ltd will help you to solve it .

1. Evacuation and Isolation

In the event of a leak during the production, storage and use of chemicals, irrelevant personnel must be evacuated first to isolate the leaked area. If it is a large number of flammable and explosive chemicals, it is necessary to call the 119 alarm to request fire-fighting professional rescue, and to protect and control the site at the same time.


2.Cut off the fire

It is particularly important to cut off the source of fire to treat chemical spills. If the spill is flammable, all sources of fire within the contaminated area must be eliminated immediately.


3.Personal protection

There is a good understanding of the chemical properties and response characteristics of the leakage handlers who deal with the leaked products. They should be handled at high altitudes and upwinds. It is forbidden to act alone and guardians are required. If necessary, cover with water (gun water). According to the nature of the leaked product and the form of poison contact, select appropriate protective equipment , such as Oil Only Spill Kits , HazChem Spill Kits , Universal Spill Kits and so on . In order to  prevent casualties and poisoning accidents during accident handling.






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